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Who are we?

SPRONKEN Medical is a Startup active in the low-care health industry. With an eye on target and innovative approach, SPRONKEN Medical is able to develop products that make a difference.

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What is the SMART IV?

SMART-IV is a true wireless monitoring system, which enables remote monitoring and drug verification of traditional gravity infusion therapy. Bedside scanning at its best!

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Improving medical service at the bedside is one of the most important goals in the healthcare industry today. In any hospital, the healthcare staff who spend the most time directly caring for patients also need the greatest access to critical information.
Medication administration errors cause a multitude of deaths each year and utilizing monitoring and verification systems are a proven way of preventing these errors.

What is SMART-IV?

SMART-IV is a true wireless monitoring solution, which enables remote monitoring and drug verification of traditional gravity infusion therapy. Patients can be individually monitored and are categorised per hospital department. The system can easily be rolled out in hospitals utilizing the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

The key benefits of SMART-IV are:

  • Accuracy: reduce human errors significantly while ensuring the right information is always available.
  • Efficiency: enable your staff to do more throughout the day.
  • Speed: cut back the time spent on administering care from hours to minutes.
  • Safety: keep patients healthy with proper surveillance and the correct administration of medication and care.


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Latest news

  • We will be presenting at ARAB Health ZA'Abeel Hall II Booth:Z2B30

  • Due to much international interest in our product we are currently working on a multi-lingual website.

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